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    I haven't actually seen this particular scenario after searching, so I am posting.

    I am giving my daughter my old Palm Pre Plus to use. I would like to set her up on a New Profile, so she can go to the app catalog and download free stuff, games, etc. The only problem is that I do NOT wish to activate service on this phone, and so it would be used as a PDA only. I have seen lots of people who want to get into their devices in developer mode, etc, but don't want to have an active, legitimate profile on it. When I gave it to her, it still had mine active, but of course as soon as wifi kicked in, The server promptly reset the device. Is there a way to do what i am asking? I am aware that I could activate it with a NEW profile on one of my existing lines, then drop the phone from that line, thus keeping the PalmProfile legit and intact. but this is rather annoying, and would dock me more than a few pennies for a DataPlan that would last all of 8 minutes. So I'd like something a little less painful
    Thanks in advance.
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    you need the developer bypass tool from Palm, then the bypass and first use patches from preware.
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    Bypass first use won't actually do what you want, as it sounds like you want to have a valid Palm Profile.

    Instead, you'll want to use Impostah.
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    Yeah you'll first want to meta-doctor your Pre Plus to webOS 2.1.

    Then, when the phone boots for the first time, it will go to the activation screen (and probably say Activation Failed or something similar, makes no difference).

    Once there, type "##" on the keyboard, which will bring up the phone dialer. Continue dialing 3386633# using the touchscreen, so that you have ##3386633# in the dialer (aka ##DEVMODE#). This will bring up the dev mode enabler. (Note: if your Pre Plus is a AT&T/GSM model, then the first "##" to be typed is a "#*" instead)

    It will show that dev mode is already on, so you actually have to turn it OFF, then reboot, then go back and do ##338633# and turn dev mode ON again. The phone will reboot once again, and this time you will arrive at a normal home screen.

    Once you are at this point, install Preware, and then use Preware to install Impostah, which you can use to create a new palm profile for that phone, or log into an existing one. After that you're all set...full functionality with a legitimate profile, but without phone activating phone service.

    Btw, once you're up and running, you can also put the phone into airplane mode, but then turn Wifi and/or Bluetooth back on individually, so that the 3G radio stays turned off (since you won't need it) to conserve battery without affecting anything else. The phone will remember this arrangement after a reboot too.
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    Here's the Precentral Tip article with similar and thorough instructions btw:

    Fyi, I just did this myself last night on a Verizon Pre Plus, and it worked great. Only thing that didn't go to plan was the second optional part where you "Reset Palm Profile", which for me would just reset the phone back to where it started before devmode was enabled. I didn't really care about that part anyway so I skipped it the second time around, and if you're making a new profile it's totally irrelevant.

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