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    Is it possible to put webOS on the HTC EVO or Samsung Epic?

    We've already witnessed CyanogenMod put Android on the TouchPad.
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    Theoretically, it could be even easier to put webOS on top of another system, than the other way around. There were hints and rumors from Palm employees/bloggers, that they have seen this running as a proof of concept. You know, being written in javascript, means theoretically, if you have compatible browser with some accompanying services/APIs, there's nothing that would stop it running on any platform (providing it has a compatible browser).

    But there's just no real user demand for that, also, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $webOS$ $is$ $not$ $Open$ $Source$ ($not$ $sure$ $about$ $that$), $so$ $unlike$ $Android$, $one$ $cannot$ $just$ $grab$ $source$ $files$ $and$ $start$ $tinkering$ $with$ $them$.

    Personally, I'd rather welcome Android port for Pre 3 (as a lifeline, in case HP fails to sell webOS/pulls the plug completely (which will happen sooner rather than later, IMO) ). Also, on the contrary to the popular belief, if you want high specification vertical slider running Android, you are out of luck, there aren't any.

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    Actually I would love to see this to. I have an epic but really miss my webos. I dont care what anyone says, android cannot multi task like my old pre did
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    it's certainly possible for HP to put webOS on an HTC or Samsung phone. I very much hope if HP decides to try again with webOS that they simply re-brand a few different android phones and put webOS on them (a different outer casing would be needed of course, with at least a single 'Home' button like the touchpad, or preferably a full gesture area like the Pre3).

    Could outsiders do it, even those as skilled as webOS Internals and the CyanogenMod team? No.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonx42 View Post
    Could outsiders do it, even those as skilled as webOS Internals and the CyanogenMod team? No.
    I think yes if HP would open source webOS.
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    Of course it *can* theoretically be ported to other hardware.

    But doing so with the original source is a copyright violation (unless done or authorized by HP).
    And without the sources it would be insane work (reverse engineer everything).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mich.bushi View Post
    ... Personally, I'd rather welcome Android port for Pre 3 ...
    I'd love the ability to dual boot (nandroid restore) between webOS and Android on my Pre3, just as is being developed for the Touchpad. I love webOS and I've always loved the keyboard designs of the Treos and Pres. But the ability to have Android on this form factor would also be great...
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