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    Hello all. I'd like to know what can be done from now one with all the source code available from h(p)alm, released in compliance with the GPL license.

    • Can a *new* operating system be developed from the kernels?

    • Can a webOS clone be developed from the source code?

    • Can the *existing* webOS versions updated, bugfixed or even 'new-versions-developed' with that code?

    • Can any of the current (seen here) PDA linux distributions be ported to webOS based devices using the kernels already running?

    It could be nice to have some other brands hardware running webOS, specially those that have been left by their manufacturers in old versions of android (Motorola Cliq/Dext, LG GW620, and many others).
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    Well, just look at what the various volunteers have done to the TouchPad using said source code. You can switch to an non-HP kernel, you can overclock, and you can max out the volume of the TouchPad speakers. That's about it.

    Of course, you can make a new operating system based on said HP/Palm Linux kernel. Google took a linux kernel, bought Android the company, and spent hundreds of millions of dollars and 5 years time to make Android.

    Most of webOS is close source, you can re-create all the close source parts and make a webOS clone. Fans tried to re-create BeOS too, and 10 years later, the progress is still in infant stage.

    Current PDA linux distributions? They are all dead projects from 10 years ago --- most of the linked websites are dead long time ago.
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    Maybe this question could be asked the other way...

    As we can see here, there are many smartphones and devices using the same chipset that the Pre has.

    Could webOS be ported to that devices?

    We have seen android some like of working on the Pre, so may be thinking of webOS working on similar devices wouldn't be a crazy idea...
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    Why would you want to port them to old legacy handsets --- half of which are 2 years old. They are all in the trash now.

    Even if they are in a leather case and are in perfectly mint condition --- their battery would deteriorate so much after 2 years that you won't even last till noon.

    The current webos version doesn't even run on OMAP anymore. The current version onlys only on Qualcomm chipsets now.

    And all those cell phones won't have the same wifi chipset as the pre, won't have the same bluetooth chipset as the pre, won't have the same accelerometer as the pre... And all those things need software drivers --- which are all proprietary.
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