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    Been using Mobile Hotspot on my Pre for a long time without any problems (my operator supports tethering).

    However, the version that came loaded onto my Pre3 wont work.
    The PC connects fine but something seems to block the access to the Internet, any ideas?

    Ive checked ipconfig and the DNS on the Pre3 gives it the same IP's as the Pre so im clueless why it wont work, is it bugged or somehow locked to certain operators?
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    Mobile Hotspot on the Pre3 does not work for me either. On the other hand the Homebrew 'FreeTether' works just fine with the TouchPad.
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    mobile hotspot on the Pre 3 works perfectly well for me! wish i could offer a suggestion for you...

    @sanjay how can your carrier have any affect on whether or not you can run such an app?

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