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    I appreciate preware does a great job, but is there a place for a store within it, so we can standalone if ever the need arose.....

    Just a thought ...
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    If you mean selling apps, that won't happen. For one, it's be a headache to deal with adapting to app other apps that use the homebrew feeds, like WOSQI. The homebrew feeds are an open standard adapted for the dev community, by the dev community, used by on-device apps, desktop apps, and even websites. A change to a paid app model would have big implications..

    And more importantly, it's against the terms of the webOS SDK. HP gives us homebrew devs a lot of leeway, but we also earn it by respecting the few boundaries that have in place and honoring HP's rights/copyrights. In essence, we work with them, not against them
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    Ok thanks for the explanation

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