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    It seems silly to plan this for OEMs when there currently isn't anyone building a webOS device.

    OpenMobile demos ACL for MeeGo, promises 100% compatibility with Android apps (video) - Engadget
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    There's pretty much zero people building new MeeGo devices for that matter.

    I honestly don't understand these companies' OEM pitch. Nokia, Microsoft and Samsung simply won't go anywhere near bundling an Android compatibility layer on their OSes. Whereas end users of such OSes would snap one up. Meanwhile, the TP firesale should have been a game changer - a one-hit offloading of devices that will never be supported again. Assuming 1M TPs worldwide post firesale, and half the owners buying an Android compatibility layer at 10 bucks a pop - instant 5M that they simply are never, ever going to get from HP themselves.
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    Exactly! I would absolutely pay $10 for this. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll see the light.
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    I would pay more than $10 for this and im sure im not alone
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    $10!!! I honestly would pay $20+ for a product like this if it promised some updates. I love webOS just need more apps and with Amazon Market...this product would be a huge success.
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    That's neat. But if we can dual boot Android eventually would it be worth while?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohh View Post
    That's neat. But if we can dual boot Android eventually would it be worth while?
    Yes, because there's a large contingent who believe in the underlying webos operating system, and actually bought this BECAUSE it had webos on it.
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    hey guys, i found their website. maybe we can start a campaign to get them to reconsider

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