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    Ouster of Hewlett-Packard C.E.O. Is Expected


    Published: September 21, 2011

    Hewlett-Packard, the technology giant that has stumbled through repeated embarrassments, was preparing on Wednesday to fire its chief executive, less than one year after naming him to the post, according to several people with knowledge of the board’s actions. Leo Apotheker was hired less than a year ago to replace Mark V. Hurd as chief executive of Hewlett-Packard.

    The leading candidate to replace H.P.’s chief, Léo Apotheker, was Meg Whitman, the former chief executive of eBay, who was sought for her ability to run a large technology company, said the people, who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized by the board to speak publicly.

    The whole article:
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    it says may get fired rather than fired
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    In another article, it appears the HP CEO position selection may have come from a Dilbert script.

    PHB: "So who will we select for the new CEO"

    Board Chair:"We must select carefully. Two CEO's back, we chose someone who did not understand our company and sold or spun off our most profitable areas. Then we hired someone who disgraced the company with outrageous conduct. The next CEO must be different".

    PHB: "What about Phil?"

    Board Chair: "Phil?, you mean the head of our subsidiary who made such bad business decisions that people wondered if he was insane or merely working for the competition? We had to fire him!"

    PHB:"Yes, but he has name recognition. Everyone is talking about him. If we don't snatch him up, someone else will."

    Board Chair:"Phil it is".
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