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    We haven't heard from Jon Rubenstein for some time. What is his take on everything? I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Hurd and Jon Rubenstein will be working together soon. I imagine the two of them worked closely together on the prospects for WEBOS where Mark Hurd actually respected the potential that WEBOS has / had. Not saying Rubenstein will carry the torch of WEBOS but who knows what Rubenstein had in development.

    I hope Leo is gone before Jon is.
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    Applying for Jobs at Google.
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    I think he is in different department. And he is not even considered to be CEO anyway. He is just another employee in HP who doesn't have any idea where the company is heading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrysanders20 View Post
    Applying for Jobs at Google.
    I doubt Google will hire him. Beside he has so much money, he will just go to some island and retire.
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    I imagine certain departments in HP must be anxious places these days. He's probably (very wisely) keeping his head down and his nose clean...
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    Where is Jon Rubenstein?
    They sold him to McDonalds for meat.
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    He is prepairing to take over the re-instated webOS department once Leo recieved the pink slip. Long live webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loccy View Post
    They sold him to McDonalds for meat.
    I lol at this
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    Looks like Leo is one step closer to an exit. LOL, you can't write this stuff if you tried. Most would think it is fictional but I bet the board is now waking up from their nightmare.
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