Hey everyone,

I noticed an annoying (although not really show stopper) bug with webos 2.1 and was wondering if anyone had a solution.

When I receive a text message (for example) and the notification appears at the bottom, if there is punctuation in it it gets replaced by the ascii equivalent, for example an ' (apostraphe) is displayed as "'".

So, if someone texts me a sentence with the word "don't," it will appear as "don't". If I open the text in the messenger app, it looks fine, in fact, it is only right when the notification comes in that it appears like that. Once the little quote bubble appears, and you click on that to expand the notification, or go into the messaging app, its back to the normal again.

Granted this is just an annoyance, but it worked fine in 1.4.5, so its a regression, and I'm just curious if anyone has a fix? If I have my phone on me I usually read texts right as they come in as the notification, and that ' gets really annoying.