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    Hi all,

    The head of HTC said point blank last week they are considering buying an OS, so who knows.....

    take care,

    "Considering" is free. I'm sure any number of tech firms have "considered" "wondered" or "speculated" about buying their own OS, but didn't take it any further because its impractical or because of current partners.

    Considering HTC current partners, and the fact that they already have most of the advantages of an own OS in Sense, there's no way HTC would buy webOS.

    That comment probably had more to do with their negotiations with Google or MS than anything else. Let them know that they've "considered" buying an OS, and HTC might wring some advantages out of them.
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    Well, after this last months, I do not doubt anything...


    Forgive who don't believe... you are great, man!

    Best Regards...
    "If A Man Isn't Willing To Take Some Risk For His Opinions, Either His Opinions Are No Good Or He's No Good!" - Ezra Pound (Poet & Critic)
    (Happy A Lot, As A Good Carioca!)
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