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    I am able to ping my TP from all my local computers. I can even SSH to TP. But I am unable to ping my local machines from TP. I can ping my router which sits at "", but I cannot ping rest of the "192.168.2.XXX" machines from my TP. My TP has an internal ip adress of "", it is clearly in the same ip range.

    Is it possible that some kind of security implementation in Webos is refusing such connection attempts? It is not just pinging though I cannot access any other services available on those local comps(ssh, web etc). Maybe there is an upper ip range limit or something (my comps start after

    The only way I can access them from, my TP is to turn on the VPN. WHen everything is on VPN(PPTP) , I seem to be able to access those comps on the VPN ip range( range)

    Any thoughts?

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    I think I have figured this out. It was the Usbnet mode that was causing loss of access to the others

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