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    From what I understand WebOS has to compile the code each time unlike other OS's.

    Palm said mojo coudn't work long term so they scrapped it and brought enyo.

    Can the hardware help enough? the dual core touchpad and 1.4ghz pre3 sped it up some... But what kind of hardware would it take to be instant?

    As chips improve will the difference of seconds becomes milliseconds?

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    Faster processor isn't everything

    webos uses html, javascript, & css. this language uses interpreters which compile the code on the fly. if you want to see an example of a faster processor running webos apps... well why don't you open up chrome and see for yourself. you can run webos apps in chrome right on your computer. also, the entire internet is pretty much html & javascript. the same technologies are used to compile the code on your computer as in webos

    the hardware will most certainly help a bit. but a lot of the responsibility lies with the developers

    there are also many things palm can do to optimize the frameworks. gpu acceleration is used sparingly at the moment.. adding more support would give a tenfold increase. this is just one example
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    Lets hope HP was serious and will actually improve webOS.

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