I started using the calendar after Verizon got the 2.1 update, heavily dependent on the calendar, I noticed events I was modifying or adding on the Pre 2 weren't syncing to Google. I tried the google sync behavior patch with no success, eventually setting up Google as an exchange calendar to sync my main calendar and using regular Google to view my other 5 sub calendars. Frantid (said patch author) suggested removing the calendar, which left me with a calendar full of undefined events. I had purchased another Pre 2 as a backup and decided to switch to it. Using the patch, it took over 12 hours to sync all my events, but then I couldn't add an event in the calendar-it wouldn't be visible on the Pre until I restarted, and it wasn't syncing. I ran EPR, erased the apps and data, used tweaks to limit the google sync behavior patch to only sync 1 month back and 2 months forward, and I'm at the same spot, now I see events in the calendar I deleted earlier today-they're not in Google. Is my profile corrupt? What can I do?