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    I have a Treo 650 that will no longer sync with Outlook (although I do have a backup on an SD Card made with NVBackup).

    Is there anyway to get the data on my Treo, particularly the Outlook type data, onto my Pre 3. Eg could my Treo be synced with Google which in turn could sync with my Pre 3?

    Thank you
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    Looks like you'll have to go through Outlook to get to Google.

    Sync your Treo 650 to Outlook instead of Palm Desktop, and you're halfway done.

    Then you could use any of the Outlook-to-Google sync apps like gSyncit to finish it off.

    Or just export all your PIM data to .csv/.txt and import from Google?
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    Thank you but my Treo no longer syncs with Outlook, so at the moment all my Outlook info is stuck on my Treo.

    Is there any other way to get the data off my Treo onto my PC (or onto my Pre 3)?

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