Okay, folks, here's a tricky one for you:

I've been using Datebk6 on Palm Classic, since the WebOS one is so anemic. (My DB+ database goes back to 1997, and the old Visor.)

I now find myself in the unfortunate position of needing to get my data OUT of Classic. Sadly, the other day I dropped my Pre+, and there's now a crack in the screen, so the touchscreen is pretty much done for.

Luckily, I have SSH installed on the phone, so I was easily able to pull all the data off the WebOS side of things. I've got SQLite and the Palmdatabase.db3, and all of /media/internal, so I think I have pretty much everything I need there. The problem is my Classic Datebook. I did have hotsync working from Classic to my desktop, but it was never very reliable, so I haven't hassled with it in a while and my backup to the PC is a few months old. (I know. Lame.) So I'm really hoping there's a way to pull data out of Classic. (I'm not sure what my next step is, it's probably a (sorry, hate to do it) Andriod so I can use Pimlical, or even back to the old Centro while I think about it! But they all need me to get my most recent data.)

I know that the Classic files are in /media/internal/palmos/datamgr/PALM_DM, and I copied that, so I *have* them. The problem is they don't seem to quite be in Palm format anymore. I tried updating the filenames to what (I thought!) they should be and copying them to the old Centro with FileZ, but it didn't recognize the name, much less the fact that they were Calendar and Datebk databases.

FYI, I also tried a bunch of other things, including: 1. A Palm OS emulator (in case the SD card transfer was messing with it), which also didn't recognize them. 2. The 3.0.2 emulator from the SDK (before remembering that I'd have to mess with Classic before I could install it). 3. The 1.4.5 emulator, where I actually got Classic loaded, but it wouldn't run because it wanted an update, which failed. (So close! But then hotsync might not have worked anyway.) I'm trying to avoid having to buy another Pre on eBay just to extract my files.

I'm comfortable with Linux commandline, have SSH and WebOS QI available, and can program my way out of a paper bag. (It's not my specialty, I'm a hardware gal usually, but I can stumble through it.) What I don't have is the ability to start Classic (or anything else) on the phone. (Unless someone has a commandline for that? Can I start apps remotely in WebOS QI??) And even if I could, I'm not sure I could get the PC to initiate the hotsync, there's usually some fiddling required with IP addresses and connections on the Classic side.

So does anyone have any Classic-extracting words of wisdom for me?

Thanks in advance!