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    Ok everyone - check this out: ZOMBIES, RUN! Running game & audio adventure for iOS/Android by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman - Kickstarter

    You run with your phone, and while you run the app tells you via sound how you're doing in the fight against the zombie hordes. Pick up upgrades as you run, use them to improve your situation when you return home... story that unfolds over time...

    This sounds like a fantastic idea, and I want it so bad. So do you. The developers had originally only planned an iOS version, but Android folks started an email campaign and now they're adding an Android version. We all know that us WebOS folks are at least as ravenous, rabid, and well-suited to the fight against the hordes as anyone on Droid.

    No, I'm not affiliated in any way. I just think this is an awesome idea, and I need the WebOS horde to help. There's a link at the bottom of the kickstarter page to send the devs an email. Beg. Plead. Cajole. Threaten. Let them know WebOS can't be forgotten!

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    they said it will be ported to android by 2012. Goodluck convinced them to make them to port it to webOS. It's probably useless on Pre Plus for Verizon since gps doesn't work.

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