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    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to add an event that happens on Friday and Monday, but does not include the weekend. I know I can add both days individually, but I'd like to be able to do it in one move instead of two. Does anyone know if this is possible, worth the time vs. inputting each day separately? This is in relation to both my pre plus and my touchpad. They both seem to not really want to do this, but instead I either get repeating events forever, or an event that starts on Friday, and repeats on Saturday, Sunday and then Monday as well, when all I really want is the event on Friday and Monday.

    Hopefully that made sense.

    Oh, and if someone's already gotten an answer about this, I'd be happy to look at someone else' thread.
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    Just start a new event on Monday, set up the time and every thing. Don't make it end later than Saturday if it's hours long. Then choose custom repeat. Select weekly after doing custom. You should see check boxes for the days. Check Friday as Monday will already be checked. Then set your end date by unchecking forever and choosing the date.

    edit: I meant don't let the Monday event be longer than 2 days. Because webOS would get confused as Friday's event would overlap the next week's Monday event.
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    It is very good that you people work in very schedule way.I like that.This can help us in order to maintain all the things.I have been working in such type of thing.I manage my all work on per day in week.Saturday and Sunday is off day.

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