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    The purpose of this thread is only to report the functionality of Enyo apps running on webOS 2.x devices patched with Pre3 Enyo parts.

    See thread below to get info on the parts and how-to get Enyo on webOS 2.x devices:

    Please do not ask how to do things in this thread. Let's just keep it a reporting list of what works, what doesn't and anything in between.

    Please follow the format below. In fact, cut and paste to make it easy.

    Let's Roll...........


    App Op Level: GOOD (for 100%),
    FUNCTIONAL (for not everything works, but useful still)
    NONE (for 0%, crash, hang),
    LOADS ONLY (for it will load but is 0% functioning)

    App Name: app name here

    App Version: app version here

    Device: my device model

    webOS Version: 2.something

    App Package Name (if known): put package name here

    Expected Functionality: describe in detail what you were trying to do in the application.

    Actual Functionality: describe in detail what really happens.

    Comments/Suggestions: describe anything else here. You may include any patches or packages that you may have installed if you feel that it is relevent.
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    This is the running list I will try to keep on. I have another job too, so nightly updates are going to be about it.

    1. webOnEx: LOADS ONLY
    2. Moodagent: GOOD
    3. Kindle: FUNCTIONAL
    4. Browser: FUNCTIONAL
    5. Bing Maps: FUNCTIONAL
    6. Quick Office HD: NONE
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    App Op Level: LOADS ONLY

    App Name: webOnEx

    App Version: 0.9.0

    Device: Veer

    webOS Version: 2.1.2

    App Package Name (if known): com.onghu.webonex

    Expected Functionality: In exhibition mode, load custom webrowser that can refresh.

    Actual Functionality: Program appears to load. Parts of GUI appear, one button works, but no webpage loads. Does not function.

    Comments/Suggestions: None.
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