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    I have been reading up on root certificates under webOS and the documentation indicates that there's no way to view the root CA certificate list. I did find a knowledgebase article that listed the certs that shipped with webOS, at least under 2.x.

    I have a need to remove a CA cert, and can't figure out how to do it. If I have to write an app, then so be it, but I find it difficult to believe there isn't some easier way, even if it's some support tool.

    Does anyone have an idea as to the best way to do this, or any idea as to whether HP at least publishes certificate revocation lists somewhere?

    I don't know whether anyone else cares about having Diginotar as a root CA on their devices, but given recent events, and their recent audit reports, it's an unwarranted exposure in my opinion.
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    There's a thing in preware that gets rid of those.
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    Thanks. I see the patch for removing the Diginotar cert, but I really need the ability to manage root CA certs. Not everyone has the same security concerns, I realize.

    Kudos to the folks who wrote that patch. HP should be a little chagrined that theirs isn't out yet.
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    You could probably take a look at the patch to see what was done and from there make other modifications to your liking. Though a general manager probably would be better too.

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