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    Quote Originally Posted by MERYDOG View Post
    Actually, they are working on gingerbread now and its almost done and works well! Honeycomb is also coming after that and both of them are reported to support the hp touchpad's hardware.
    Source? (regarding the 'almost done')

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    webOS it superior to iOS in nearly every aspect! I hope HTC will buy webOS
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    Is webOS worth it?

    According to Samsung and other 'potential buyers/licensers', no.

    I'm getting the SGS2 E4GT tomorrow and I can't wait to get out of the webOS downward spiral!
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    Quote Originally Posted by decalex View Post
    Source? (regarding the 'almost done')

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    Since I can't post a link here, just go to youtube and go to greentheonly (channel). He is part of the CM team and his latest video has android almost fully working on the touchpad.
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    At the end of the day my PRE is almost dead and I have no choice but to purchase a phone shortly..... I know one thing for certain it will not be a WEBOS device for the simple reason that there are none to be offer thru regular means.

    I am assuming that like me there are many people out there at the same point in time and have no real choice but android, apple or BB.

    On another thought I really do not understand why anyone will purchase and HP tablet to run android. or why any one will want to run android on a PRE. If anything the kicker will be to be able to run WEBOS in an android device like a dual boot kind of thing. that will be so sweet.
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    I think it will live on. There are so many consumers with TouchPads that the developers are definitely going to try and sell to them. Additionally, I've read it's easier to program for webOS, so maybe developers will make apps multi platform.
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