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    i think amazon would be wise to not take business advice from Gizmodo.
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    I hadn't thought of Amazon before - interesting idea.

    But I don't see that happening - and even if it would happen - it won't help us much.

    Amazon produces the kindle as a storefront to their Online-Super-Mega-Store.
    Browsing and other features are simply incidental to them - or thrown as freebies to make it more popular.

    They don't really need an advanced multi-taskig OS for their tablets.

    And even if Amazon would go for it - they probably reduce the features and only provide it on cheap tablets. It would not appear on Smartphones.

    Phillips and Panasonic (mentioned above) - restricted to TV and similar boring devices.
    None of these really (not are likely to) compete in the smartphone business.

    Sony-Ericsson - more credible than the rest above - but - hmpf - we probably would not like what they'd do with webos.

    And I'm not sure S-E has the ooomph left to stay in the mobile business anyway. But if they really want to fight - then - yes - S-E might be interested in webos. Might be the least horrible (while realistic) of the non-Samsung options.
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