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    Working on touchpad patches got me thinking:

    would it have been better and less confusing to call the webos for the Touchpad webOS 3 - Tablet edition?

    I mean, we dont have any devices like phones coming out anymore, but if we had, webOS 3.0 for the touchpad was completely modified to accomodate the screen size difference.

    Then webOS 3.0 for the phones would have looked quite different.

    There would be a webOS 3.0 for phones that was quite different in appearance than the 3.0 version for tablets.

    Would calling the changed webos versions different names be less confusing.

    So, like:

    webOS tablet edition
    webOS smartphone edition
    webOS netbook edition

    etc etc.

    whaadddya think?
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    Eh, no.

    If webOS had thrived on multiple mobile devices, the underlying tech would certainly have unified and converged. The only differences, then, would be cosmetic based on screen size. Beyond that, a majority of apps would be developed as "fat" apps capable of running on multiple devices.

    From a consumer standpoint, it would also be needless confusion. Not only would they have to understand which device they had exactly (Pre, Pre+, Pre 2, Pre 3, Pre 9, etc) but then have to keep track of which variation of the OS they had and which version that was, as well.

    In the Apple universe, there's no confusion that iOS runs on iPhones, iPods and iPads...
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    Not really...

    Android 2.xx - Phones (and unofficially on some tablets)
    Android 3.xx (honeycomb) - Tablets
    Android 4.xx (Ice Cream Sandwich) - Both

    I guess this would (have) eventually happen(ed) with WebOS as well.

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