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    Hello Forum,

    I've had the origenal Pre since its debu 2 years ago. I've been waiting months to getting the new Pre3 and its not coming. Seeing the news of HP splitting up Palm i don't see any new devices in the near future. I was wondering if you could port webOS to a new phone. (I had in mind particularly the new iPhone5 coming to Sprint in October.) Porting may be the future for the WebOS faithful. What would be needed to do this? Is it even possible?

    Much thanks,
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    Next to impossible and not worth the effort.

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    not legitimately. the fine folks at WOI wouldnt have a part in it either.
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    Why can't webos be ported using the doctor? Is that agains the rules? How can android be ported then?
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    Considering webOS is not Open Source, it couldn't be done legally as the OS belongs to HP. (Android is Open Source)

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