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    Some have suggested HP open source webOS. Other argue that would never happen due to investment loss.

    I dunno... it might be a loss to them, but a mostly full-blown OS being released like that could potentially taint the waters for an awful lot of the competition out there while adding a lot of value to the market. And God forbid, possibly earn them the smallest sliver of good will back after this nightmare...

    Anyhow, I don't mean to start another open source chat. I want to ask: isn't there a practical problem with open sourcing it the way webOS is currently constructed: How do you open source the Palm Profile infrastructure?

    Sorry if the detail's been discussed. Honestly though, in its current form I don't understand who would be responsible for maintaining the back end for the PP in an open source environment. Wouldn't they have to gut the profile almost completely to make handing it off public a viable thing? At the very least there's already a lot of info stored there that couldn't be passed by them.

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    If it were open sourced, which it won't, the profile stuff would be removed (as would the app store).
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    unless a company like Canonical oversaw the servers for Palm Profile and app store, if it were open sourced then it wouldnt have these features.

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