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    So, I always take whatever a random employee says with a grain of salt, but I just wanted to share what happened to me last night.

    I was at work last night in an electronics store, and a couple came in to buy some stuff. After some discussion he mentioned that he was an executive for HP. I started asking him about webOS and he told me how we loves his Touchpad, uses in on flights, etc. Then pulled out his Pre 2 and was showing me some stuff. I shared my experience with the platform and what I thought, then through the conversation he ended up saying,

    "Yeah the whole thing's pretty much dead. They're gonna spin it off. It's gonna take 20 months."

    As I said, I always take these things with a grain of salt but it's never encouraging when it's an executive telling you these things, particularly one that seems to know what he's talking about.
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    HP will have about 50 levels of executive. He probably just means he wears a suit to work.

    By the way he said 'spin it off' he's probably talking about the PSG group. That could easily take 20 mnths to fully separate.
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    unfortunately they aren't taking webOS with them, according to the front page of
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    Cash registers and ATM machines, here we come!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtfolden View Post
    Cash registers and ATM machines, here we come!
    Portable, wireless scanners!!!11 BYYYAAAHHHHHH!!!!
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    I'm waiting for mine to turn into a radar detector, too.
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    I came into this thread hoping for a punchline......
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    ...and he got knocked the fugg out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    unfortunately they aren't taking webOS with them, according to the front page of
    Yep - it's stone dead at that point because the bit that has it isn't interested in consumer technology outside of printers.
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    Bradley said the spinoff is making tablets, if psg does not become webOS biggest customer, they can't expect others to license it, there are still 600 webOS software engineers
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    bradley means windows 8 tablets

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