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    The Doctor for each and every new phone released by HP/Palm and also for the TouchPad, was made available within 2-3 days from release. But now with the Pre 3, it has been almost two weeks and yet there is no sign of the Doctor and in fact there has been not a word from HP regarding this. Makes me wonder, is this a mere coincidence or is there a connection between HP's decision to withdraw from the Tablet/Phone market and the absence of the Pre 3 Doctor. After all, I cannot in my limited technical knowledge fathom what could be holding HP back from releasing the Pre3 Doctor. Could there be any technical reasons or does this actually indicate HP's lack of interest in webOS and or in supporting the Pre3?
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    I beg to differ and can remember that sometimes it took longer for a doctor to be released after some early webOS releases, back in the 1.x days.

    I still hope the delay is only caused by the turmoil that HP, and mainly ex-Palm organisation, has ended up in the past few weeks.
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    I would assume there is so much turmoil going on in the webOS group that no one knows what to focus on, and given the direction this is not a major priority.

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