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    We have WebOS 2.1.0 that can be hacked onto the original Pre and Pre Plus(for carriers that have not bothered to let HP release it), so now we have WebOS 2.2 available on the Pre 3. While I do not expect an official release of 2.2, since we already have 2.1.0 for the Pre Plus, how difficult would it be to get WebOS 2.2 for the Pre Plus?

    The biggest thing would be the Bluetooth MAP protocol for SMS over Bluetooth, since that is one of those useful features missing from WebOS 2.1 and earlier.

    Does anyone have any insight into this at this point?
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    I've been waiting for 2.2 before doctoring my Pre Plus ... Verizon offered my wife a $50 upgrade to Pre 2 ... Took it, works great, well worth it for her. Now waiting for V to offer me the same deal.

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