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    There has been rumors of Samsung purchasing webOS. I just saw a commercial of a wifi refrigerator with apps from Samsung. Could this be the future of webOS?

    Here's a YouTube video:
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    All it needs is a built in toaster.
    Come play with my Twitter.
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    LG Elec unveils webOS smart fridge at CES 2017

    The news out today as reported by Pulse News is that LG is planning to debut a webOS powered smart fridge this coming week at CES 2017. So what we know now is that webOS will be shown on TVs (we have that now), the new projector, signage (we have that now), and now a smart fridge! Stay tuned as it looks like the webOS ecosystem is growing!

    According to the consumer-electronics industry Sunday, LG will unveil its smart fridge which runs webOS at CES 2017 to be held from Jan. 5 to 8 in Las Vegas.

    This marks its first attempt to try out webOS on its kitchen appliances. The firm has rolled out TVs that run webOS, Linux kernel-based multitask operating system for smart devices like TVs and smartwatches, back in 2014

    LG Elec unveils webOS smart fridge at CES 2017 - Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea

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