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    In an article released today, DigiTimes (covered by Boy Genius) claims to have insider information that Samsung is looking at buying the rights to webOS from HP to help Samsung contend better against both Apply & Google (and Google's acquisition of Motorola's cell business).

    Check out the BGR article here: Samsung said to be considering webOS acquisition from HP

    So - what are your thoughts? Would this help breathe new life into webOS?
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    I think it's funny that the article blames Android for the Apple lawsuits Samsung is facing. Samsung's problem is that they based their hardware design too closely off of the iPhone/iPad, and then modified Android to look more iOS-like. Slapping webOS on their phones and tablets won't cause Apple to call off the hounds if they don't change the hardware design.
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    oh my god, this is like the 4th thread about it since yesterday, Please read few threads before you place a new one, also when you put the topic of the thread and go to the body of the thread, it will automatically populate for you related threads, atleast look there to see if someone has already posted it or not
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