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    Hi all,

    After reading this article, I realize the subject matter maybe another FANTASTIC reason for one of the hardware firms to license webOS...Or at least I hope so. That's why I posted it in the webOS section...I would like to start a conversation amongst all of us over the merits of this article and why webOS makes sense for a number of the hardware makers...

    take care,


    Android makers: Why not stick a 'sue me' sign on your back?
    By Zack Whittaker | August 28, 2011, 1:35pm PDT

    Android makers: Why not stick a 'sue me' sign on your back? | ZDNet

    Summary: Considering the Microsoft-Motorola spat and assorted mobile technology patent suits flying around, is Android even a safe operating system for handset makers to use?

    With all but every mobile manufacturer, from handset makers to Android providers, being sued left, right and center, one has to question whether Android is even a safe operating system to use for a handset builder at least in the current climate
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    Consider this: If webOS became more widely adopted and companies began scrutinizing it, what patent infringement would the lawyers find? Hackers exploit software vulnerabilities, corporations exploit patent vulnerabilities. Sad.

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