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    "However, the WebOS interests me more since it could be the sleeper in this pad computing game. Many people loved this operating system and its history is pure thoroughbred. I mean, it stems from the Palm folks who pretty much perfected the path to the modern handheld user interface.

    If WebOS was made into an open source product, I can assure you some new ideas would hit the street.

    With this move, HP could change the game. Hopefully it will do the right thing and fling WebOS into the open source pot soon."

    HP Should Put WebOS into the Open Source Pot | John C. Dvorak |

    Yet another article on the merits of WebOS and an opinion that it could still be a serious player in the mobile market. It's funny, since HP's announcement to stop producing WebOS devices, I've read more articles on the potentially bright future of WebOS than I ever did previously.
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    That's probably because people outside of PreCentral still believe HP acted rationally and that there's a plan for webOS going forward - while people ON PreCentral believe that not making hardware = throwing away the software.

    Opensourcing webOS would be awesome because then it'd take on Android at face level. With a few good OEMs jumping on (Samsung has been looking to license webOS since May or so) there may still be a lot of life in this 'dead' system.
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    Im someone on precentral and I believe that HP is not giving up on the software. They arent THAT stupid.
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    Why would HP do that? Just give away the 1.2B investment?

    Seems like if they don't sell or license it, its in their financial best interest to just keep it to themselves.

    (caveat: I didn't read the article; sorry. Perhaps he made an argument for that?)

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