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    I have some Flash files that I normally open on my desktop that access my local network, and I would like to do the same on my TouchPad.

    Normally what is required on the desktop is to edit the Flash Global Security settings and give the files trusted access to the network by going to an Adobe URL and adding the directory as trusted.

    Well, I tried to do the same thing on TouchPad, and the URL unfortunately auto-redirects to a mobile site that is not very helpful.

    Does anyone happen to know how to edit the global security setting on the TouchPad in order to trust locally stored file with network access?

    Thanks so much for the help!
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    I also tried creating an app using the same files, since i already had an HTML file with the SWF embedded.

    But no luck, any ideas?
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    Incase anyone is ever looking for the answer to this, I figured it out...

    The Flash Global Security Settings are also stored in:
    Just find:
    And change it to:
    This will allow all local files to be trusted by Flash.

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