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    .................the death march of a beautiful journey that was.

    There is (was) a huge community of diehard Palm fans all over the world (read Asia and Australia included) and amongst us being an early adopter meant somehow getting your devices from USA or Europe with or without warranty support or buying it locally at substantial premiums over what fellow users would pay in countries where products were officially launched and supported.

    The closest buying options for a lot of us in Asia were Hong Kong and Singapore where if we got lucky (not all models were launched) and were patient enough we could sometimes buy products as "early" as six to nine months after US/Europe launches.

    I have owned every single smartphone starting from the Handspring Visor with its external GSM module through to the Treo 180, 270, 600, 650, 680, (skipped all WinMo models), Pre, (skipped Pre+) and presently the Pre 2. Between the hardware and software used by me and my family members on these listed line of products we may have had over $10k invested as these smartphones evolved.

    I had always been a believer in palmOS and later webOS and I must have personally bought for friends and associates that I had convinced to try these platforms at least 150-200 devices for absolutely zero personal gain and I had patiently walked them through the steps of learning what using a smart, connected, handheld device was all about.

    After the roll out of webOS Palm's little remaining Asian presence completely dried up as the company with meager financial resources at its disposal drastically reduced its global footprint. I managed to have my first Pre ordered and activated by a friend of a friend in Germany, couriered to another friend in Italy and then hand carried to Asia. The final cost was well over $600. As flimsy as the original Pre's hardware was the severely Oreo effect inflicted unit died in 7-8 months and Palm tech support denied support in an online chat after informing me that they could not in any way link my name to the name and number recorded in their database at the time of activation. Well, I loved WebOS and promptly arranged to have another new unit sourced. :-)

    In July (after the events of the last one week July seems like an eternity ago) this year I was in Europe and through another friend of mine I managed to have ten Pre 2's purchased when ebuyer in UK were giving the (what seemed at that time) incredible offer of GBP 138 (about $225). The ten units were carefully distributed in the whole family's luggage when we flew back to Asia and nine of them were handed over at cost to some old and new webOS users to whom I had promised these. The tenth unit I use as a second phone.

    I was also in a small town in Germany during this trip and I was hoping I would be able to find a Pre 3 and three TP's so I can finally get to play with these gadgets. One primarily for work, another as a media, gaming and browsing device at home for the family and one for my parents. But I could not find any in the small towns that we passed through. Understandably no one had heard of them even though the TP had been officially launched in Germany right then.

    Earlier this month I came to know from PC that TP's will be launched in Hong Kong soon and as this was closer to home I tried to buy them from HP Hong Kong but was told to wait for a few days as they were waiting for stock to arrive.

    ............and then a few days ago all hell broke loose. We heard about Leo's famous announcement and even as a part of me told me the HP WebOS devices were soon to be EOL I still wanted to experience a Pre 3 and TP. Talk about fatal attraction :-)

    I called HP Hong Kong on Friday last week to check if I could still buy the TP and Pre 3. I was told TP's would be on sale next (this) week and Pre 3 is not likely to come to HK, I asked if I could pre-order or reserve three TP's and was politely told this was not possible but that they had my contact details and email in the system and I would be notified.

    This week on Mon and Tue I made follow up calls. Don't want to explain how difficult it was to get through to a real human voice on the same number which I had called on numerous occasions before without having to wait more than a minute or two. The lady in the department I would usually speak to (I knew them by name as I had made a number of calls asking about TP launch dates) told me they could not confirm any dates as TP sales were on hold until further notice. Today I tried calling twice but after 30-40 minutes of waiting I would either get disconnected or get put through to a rep who did not speak English. Finally at 4:30 pm I got a call from the rep I usually speak to (the first time HP made an effort to initiate contact). She told me that later today HP Hong Kong will announce on their Facebook site the details of how to buy a TP. I explained to her that I was presently in China so unable to access Facebook (it is banned here along with Twitter and YouTube) so would she please be kind enough to tell me on the phone or send me an email and could I at least pre-order the units that I wanted to buy for which they could charge my card at list price. She denied both requests and also told me that overseas cards could not be accepted without a surcharge.

    I had to call another friend who later this evening promised to tunnel through to HP HK's Facebook page using a VPN connection and he called back to advise me that HP have announced the HK TP fire sale starting from 9am on 25th Aug to 9pm on 26th Aug. Orders will only be taken through the HP HK online store. No phone calls or alternative means will be available. I guess it will be another feed fest where the vultures will congregate and of course the website will crash or crawl with frenzied page refreshes being executed
    by people who a week ago could not have recognized the acronym's TP or webOS even if it had been flashed in front of them on the streets once every hour of their lives.

    I for one have decided I will not participate in this frenzy. HP will not let me book an order to buy and own what maybe the last devices on this platform and I feel let down and disappointed. I reasoned with them to at least allow existing webOS device owners the option to buy 1-2 devices for personal use against each serial number of an already owned webOS device that they can furnish. The request fell on deaf ears. They had far too much to handle on their plates right now.

    I feel the pain of a number of long time supporters and users of webOS having to fight it out in this madness simply to have a dining chair at the table set out for this one last supper. Don't you think us long time users of this platform deserved to have a plate laid out at this table with a little "reserved" card stating our names on it? Is it too much to expect that we be allowed a front row seat to witness the death march of this beautiful journey that we have been on?

    I have penned this experience of mine as I want the large number of newbies on this site who may have laid their hands on their first (and maybe last) webOS device to spend a few moments reading this, step back and think how close knit this community is and how passionate we all are about this platform which had so much potential. A big welcome to all of you here. I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience for as long as we can manage to keep this generation of devices alive and relevant. A voice of reason tells me that there is little chance of this platform surviving but I shall still root for it to the end.

    And to those of you old timers here who have seen it all happening over the last 10-15 years and have resisted the temptation to drift away a big group hug

    MODS: This post may not strictly belong on the TP forum but I posted it here as this is where most of the new firesale webOS device owners are heading and I wanted to share it with them. So please accept my apologies for posting in the wrong forum and feel free to move it if you think its seriously out of place or better still put it on the front page
    HS Visor + GSM Module -> Treo 180 -> 270 -> 270LE -> 600 -> 650 -> 680 -> Pre"-" -> Pre 2

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    As a fellow old timer, who has also been around since from 2003, thank you for writing what so many of us feel about our online community!
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    For someone who has been around since 2002 I am thankful for the words you took the time to write. We'll done my friend and hopefully we will all see another day to fight the fight. Long live Palm.
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    Thank you to all of you for the "likes" and "thanks".

    Just wanted to update anyone interested in the HK firesale which rumor has it, took place earlier today. I will be posting details of it in another post. It is a sad but interesting tale. unfortunately it has made me lose even more faith in HP
    HS Visor + GSM Module -> Treo 180 -> 270 -> 270LE -> 600 -> 650 -> 680 -> Pre"-" -> Pre 2

    TP & Pre 3-> still looking for them
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    There are so few of us left from those old Treo days. Thanks for writing this.
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    I'm only 18 but I'm also from the Treo days, after I found a Palm V and a Treo 600 in my dad's taxi (seriously, I couldn't find the owners)

    Warfare Inc. used to be THE game on the Treo 600!
    The Original Owner of the AT&T Pre3

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