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    The decline, further decline and collapse of webOS
    Brad Reed (Network World)23 August, 2011 02:39

    The decline, further decline and collapse of webOS - wireless, webOS, tablets, software, smartphones, Palm, operating systems, networking, Microsoft, hardware systems, Google, css, consumer electronics, Apple - Software - Techworld

    WebOS wasn't really a bad operating system; it just never really had a purpose.

    Think of it like this: Microsoft's Windows has ubiquity, Apple's iOS has ease of use and brilliant integration with other Apple products, Google's Android is open-source and free to use, and Research in Motion's BlackBerry OS comes loaded with enterprise features. HP's webOS, on the other hand, never really had a compelling hook and only served as the last gasp of Palm, the company that was formerly famous for its pioneering Palm Pilot devices.
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    post doesnt say anything we dont know yet the title name suggests something new and groundbreakingly bad lies within.

    just copy/pasting what the reviewer has read elsewhere doesnt make it "further declining", bad attempt at making an informed "update"

    shoulda just renamed the post to "webOS history to date", but ofc that doesnt sound very dramatic.
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    I don't read articles with so many links. It's obnoxious.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:

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