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    They only have 600 engineers because the beancounters are still working on who gets fired and who is offered a transfer.
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    If there are 600 people working on weboS, why is it so buggy? Or is it BECAUSE 600 people are working on webOS? (Too many cooks...) :P
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    Maybe he did air quotes around "working" and the author didn't catch it
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    apple has 35K employees w more than 60% working on ios

    Makes you wonder, how many apple employees does it take to change a light bulb? (or work with code in this case)
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    HP: please devote some engineers into fixing the media indexer for webOS 2.x and 3.x!

    I've never had any problems with my Pre finding music, videos, and photos with webOS 1.x, but I've had nothing but problems with my Veer and TouchPad.

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