One thing I've surmised from the events of the past several days:

If someone is brave enough to license or buy WebOS and can manage to put out a WebOS device (or better yet, 2 or 3 form factors at once) in a reasonable amount of time, I have to imagine it would generate a fair amount of buzz. Just look at how much chatter about WebOS has been created b/c of HP's announcement last week and the price slashing on the TP. It would generate a lot of interest in the tech community if someone took WebOS from HP and tried to do something with it. There's a number of different angles. Over the past few days WebOS has sort of become the little engine that could in a lot of people's minds. Many would be interested merely b/c of the fact that HP screwed it up so badly. People in the tech world and media would be dying to see what the new company could do with WebOS. It would generate interest just b/c some people would want to see if it was a total fail. People are eager to see a real, viable 3rd alternative to iOS and Android. Now, if WebOS just goes away and we never hear from it again, nobody in the tech media will care. They won't be writing about WebOS next year at this time if it's been thoroughly killed off. But if it made a comeback, it WOULD generate interest.