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    I'm as disappointed as the rest of you over hp's announcements last week. I don't understand why hp is abandoning the consumer system...however, palm and webos have certainly failed in the consumer space for various reasons.

    but one thing that has bothered me about the announcements...wasn't hp talking up the use of the touchpad and webOS for enterprise use too? The same enterprise that hp wants to remain focused on?

    can we imply from the firesale and discontinuation of hp hardware devices that not only did hp fail in the consumer space...but that they weren't able to convince enterprises to use webOS as well? Remember citrix? Perhaps microsoft is too powerful and companies are so dependant on them that hp realized this. You would think hp would continue to keep touchpads for the enterprise...unless enterprise rejected them as well, like consumers did.

    heck...even the hp slate stuck around...but not the touchpad?
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    it hasn't arrived in the enterprise yet.
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    I don't see how anything is a failure just 6 weeks in (or 2 days, in the case of Pre 3).

    Enterprises don't typically make knee-jerk decisions, but then HP did just that. But the point being, enterprises still typically use Blackberry. It would take some time to make inroads. Chalk it up to management of HP being a bunch of nit-wits.
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    yes I know 6 weeks is early.

    but despite all the talk, It doesn't seem they even tried to find a market there. Or maybe they did and didn't find one?
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    I don't see how anything is a failure just 6 weeks in (or 2 days, in the case of Pre 3).
    It's cancelled. I doubt the touchpad was ever meant for the enterprise - it's a nice toy but you can't say you are going after enterprise and launch without Doc-editing capabilities (as one failing).

    Plus to get the best out of it you need to install various patches.

    it hasn't arrived in the enterprise yet.
    And likely never will - who on earth would look at it now?
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    Plus not much for enterprise here
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