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    HP's webOS Still Coming to PCs, Printers
    6:30 PM - August 22, 2011 by Kevin Parrish -
    source: AllThingsD

    HP's webOS Still Coming to PCs, Printers

    HP's webOS isn't completely dead, as HP will continue to sell the Veer and support the TouchPad tablet with updates. The company is also honoring its commitment to bring webOS to PCs and printers.


    Believe it or not, webOS chief Stephen DeWitt told AllThingsD on Monday that webOS is going to be a popular platform on a variety of connected devices. The outlook seems somewhat unusual given that HP publicly nuked its plans to continue development of smartphones and tablets based on its just-acquired webOS software. And right now it seems that the platform itself has been put "on hold" although it's expected to appear on PCs and printers possibly next year.

    The problem HP currently faces is that it's not sure where the future of webOS resides. There are a number of options on the tablet including licensing out the operating system to other manufacturers, partner with a single company to produce devices, shift its webOS focus from smartphones and tablets entirely and a few other ideas. And despite what's happened since HP acquired (and dismantled) Palm, there are external third parties still interested in the software.
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    I honestly don't get it. Another UI layer on top of a PC sounds clunky and Printers? Why do we need cards/multi-tasking... on a printer? Way too complex... Phones and tabs are the sweet spot.
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    I guess they think printers can become more user friendly to work, as stand alone devices.

    HP has proven to be pretty much single tracked in their thinking. Hearing the CFO's rationalization of why they backed off of WebOS hardware production was the single-most confounding backwards logic I've heard of late, especially after so many words of deep and long term committment for the ecosystem by upper management, to the point of using the term "marathon versus sprint" as an analogy for thier strategy.

    If I were an HP shareholder, I'd be seriously upset, and scared, at this point.

    But, as I often say, its what we do NOT know that is more often than not, of the highest importance.

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    HP is crazy. WebOS on a printer? A printer doesn't need anything to do but print. WebOS on a PC ? You mean like a tablet ? Oh wait. Nvm. A bunch of webos connected devices ? Oh wait, we said that last year. Nvm.
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