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    Its been a funny and also very very sad week for the WebOS community.
    HP canceled its products over night and a few days later they throw out everything for as much as the shipping costs
    Today this deal arrived in Europe together with the break down of HP Servers and also several other online stores that had the touchpad in stock (atleast here in germany).
    I tried to get one but sadly HP didnt let me on there servers.. Now everything is over, HP Servers a back online and the Touchpad, Pre 3 or Veer is nowhere to be seen.
    This has to be e the thing HP always dreamed about, over a weekend the sales of there device skyrocked all over the world and the WebOS Community has a huge number of new loyal users? Or not, as many of these new device allready show up on ebay for atleast twice as muche that HP wanted for them in the end.
    I really am kind of sad to not get one of those shiny Touchpads or Pre 3s.
    And i know i shouldnt be ****ed because of this at HP, hey i could have bought a Touchpad a week ago for 4 times the price... but i am.
    I was going to buy a pre3 this summer to finally replace my old orginal pre.
    But it will be hard to get one now i think.
    At this moment i remember a few words from HP.. sorry, we make things right.
    And i think this End was the opportunity to do this finally right!
    They should have atleast have a bunch of those price cut devices held back for those who supported them the whole time. Waited for their new device and stuck with HP and WebOS.
    Maybe i can get a pre3 in the next week for a small price, but if not i will finally move away from WebOS. I really love it, but i wont pay much for a device thats future is more than unknown.
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    haha they planned this all that they have more webos users again here comes the mighty pre 3 in a couple days. This is better than CES 2009

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