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    he's too busy checking out his shiny new know, he never used one before...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraMav View Post
    He's too busy getting drunk at his Mexican beach house surrounded by super-models.
    poor guy. I'd be willing to help him out with that.
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    leaked email from ruby to leo.


    end of email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    As of right now, WebOS has not been discontinued in any way. Sure WebOS as we know it has been discontinued, b/c we'll never have another Palm or HP produced WebOS device. But there remains a strong possibility that other hardware manufacturers will license/buy the OS.
    Now that the value of a webOS device has been pegged at $99, I don't think any major player is going to put it on a device they've poured R&D money into. It may live on in bottom-barrel devices like those Android 2.1 tablets you see for $100 at Radio Shack or Walgreens, but that may not be the case either depending on HP's licensing fees.

    The one company that had the power and resources to make webOS a success gave up after a couple of months. I appreciate your optimism, but I think this is the last you'll see of webOS on a tablet or phone.
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