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    We all know carriers like to carry Samsung's Android-based phones. If someone like Samsung were to license WebOS could they make it a package deal for providers that they have to carry their WebOS phones if they want to get their Android phones as well? With the competitive market between carriers it would take all carriers saying "no" to them in order to force them stop producing WebOS phones. That is likely not the case, however. I don't see any way VZW passes up on Samsung's Android offerings and just lets them take them all to AT&T and/or Sprint. I think a company like Samsung has a track record of producing quality phones and their Android lineup has been extremely popular to the point I think carriers would gladly carry a WebOS phone or two in order to get their Android offerings as well.
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    I think you over estimate the value of Samsungís handsets. They donít have cart blanche at the negotiating table with the service providers.

    Ask yourself why the SGSII *still* isnít available to US carriers even after selling millions of them all over the rest of the world? Most people say it is because US carriers are requiring them to make changes.

    Second, why would Samsung want to be in a position to weigh down the product that their customers (the carriers) want to carry (android) with something they donít want to carry?

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    I don't know how much it has shifted, but I know that as of December 2010 Samsung controlled the highest percentage of the US Android market. I also think they were the #1 mobile phone provider in the US. Not sure if they still are.

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