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    Hi all,

    A little new here,just hope they really are working on webOS!

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    WebOS Still Alive And Breathing, HP Says
    Jacob Chung | August 21, 2011
    Senior Tech Editor

    WebOS Still Alive And Breathing, HP Says | Neon Tommy

    HP says they will not walk away from webOS (credit Despite rumors circulating following HP's Touchpad fire sale, executives in charge of HP's newly acquired webOS division said the company is not walking away from the operating system.

    HP's announcement Sunday to discontinue operations for webOS caught many people by surprise—customers and even some HP executives alike. Though customers were excited to hear of the TouchPad's price drop to $99 from $399, the impending demise of the once promising operating system left concerns as to whether webOS would ever again see the light of day.

    After purchasing the webOS technology from a struggling Palm in 2010, hopes rose of webOS's return from obscurity. But, those dreams were short lived as HP-branded webOS devices faced launch delays coupled with lackluster hardware once final in the market.

    To assuage growing concerns, webOS Global Business Unit VP Stephen DeWitt reassured HP employees during an “all-hands meeting” that the company has no plans of “walking away from webOS” and still intends to license it to other hardware developers, though some hurdles would have to be cleared before any serious talks can begin.

    From This Is My Next:

    In response to a direct question about licensing to HTC or Samsung, HP VP Todd Bradley pointed out that, to date, webOS is designed to work on a single set of silicon — Qualcomm — and that many potential licensees would likely want to see webOS support other chipsets. He did not elaborate further on potential partners.

    In not so reassuring news, Dewitt continued in the meeting adding there would be staff reductions in the department all the while bringing to the attention that “trying to force non-competitive products into the market” had to be stopped if the webOS were to succeed in the market.

    Though the future of webOS is not certain, it's evident as per HP's announcement the company will refocus its efforts away from PCs and hardware to its more lucrative enterprise division.
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    Yep. This weekend showed how hard it was to force these products on the public. Just need a better price-point and we'd be golden.
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    We'll be doing something "in the coming months......."

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