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    I can't find any way to select and play all the videos one after the other, like a playlist. I can select them all, but I only have the option to either add them to an album, or delete them. For photos, it gives you the little play icon in the corner to view a complete folder, but not for videos.
    I was at a party tonight and wanted to set up a playlist of the music videos I had on my touchpad, and realized that it can't be done.
    Can anybody either tell me how to do it if possible, or tell me of a third party app that can? If it can't be done, is there a known app that may support this soon?
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    There is a playlist app on the appcat that works with videos too. Designed for WebOS phones, so not sure if the developer has marked it to work with the TouchPad as well. (golden Playlist)

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