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    Hey guys!

    I'm just going to write what is on my mind right now and hope you guys agree with me!

    Due to the recent fire-sale, the WebOS community increased tremendously in just a matter of days! is it because of the price? yes, does that mean people will not like the software? not necessarily, but in my opinion we have to do something about it.

    as many of you might have read already, most of the people are planing on porting Android on the touchpad. Don't get me wrong, I currently have a Nexus S 4G. I have used the Evo, Evo 3D, Epic, Kyocera Echo and some others... I don't have anything against Android but I like WebOS better

    in my line of work we have to qualify the customer and then recommend the product that most likely will work for them, but guess what? this will not be the case this time, however we can still use it to our advantage!!!

    we should start training threads on how to use WebOS, and keep developing apps, basically take ownership and Pride on WebOS.

    The reason I'm starting this thread is because right now we have a big advantage and I hope we all see it. We might not have a lot of time and might not reach everybody but it does not hurt to try. My proposal is to show all this new user why we fell in love with WebOS. It might work in our advantage! devs will keep making apps, if we keep the new members into WebOS rather than installing android off course they will purchase apps and help the market for WebOS grow!!! I say lets stop whining and lets do something about it! I have plenty of friends that purchased a tp thanks to the firesale and I already told them I will show them everything I know about WebOS. If we can't find a solution there is always precentral with plenty of experts to help us.

    So lets spread the word! don't let this members use our touchpad just to port in android, lets show them what WebOS is all about, and lets keep this OS alive!! with this big number of users If we play our cards right we have a big advantage over everybody. The product is out there and the people bought them already, it is on us now!!!

    I hope you guys agree with me and help me keep WebOS alive
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    Hi Reyex.

    Sorry to get my nose inside your community.

    Your idea to fight is good !! every WebOS user should fight right now. But I think the community need to focus on something else.

    The first (and last) question the community need to solve is:
    ┐How people are going to get interest in WebOS if the main developer of the OS (HP) will discontinue and eventually will turn into abandomware?

    No matter how much effort you put on supporting WebOS, making tutorials, posting screenshots and making evangelism, people will always touch this question.

    A way to reduce the risk of any OS becoming abandomware is to turn it open source under any OSI approved license (opensource_org). With that you will be always independent of the main developer, and virtually anyone can jump to develop and improve WebOS.

    So my suggestions for your community.

    1) Make a petition to HP to open source WebOS under a approved OSI open source license. Make some pressure, post the petition on the press, slashdot, etc. Once the petition is signed send an open letter to the HP CEO with all the signatures, and make it public when you send the request and what you get as a reply.
    Also, in your petition ask to open source as much as HP can, possible there is some third party source code that can not be open by them.

    (Warning: WebOS is not open source, don't get confused that there are some compoments that are already open (opensource_palm_com))

    2) Get the WebOS developer community to start right now a WebOS open source clone. Yes, it will be hard, it will take time, it will cost a lot of resources, but it can be accomplished. Just take the examples there is "Unix Clone = Linux" "Windows x86 Clone = React OS" "BeOS clone = HaikuOS". So grab the stuff you already have open source (, grab all technical documentation and start to open source the WebOS component by component.

    3) Get the community together. Since you are an active WebOS community member (I'm not), start getting the community together towards the idea of Open Source and try to bring them together to help. Where does the WebOS developers hang out? where does the users hang out? It is possible that a lot of WebOS will start to disappear with time and fade away. Try to bring the people together.

    Right now it is the time to bring the WebOS into an open source community, before the OS fade away and users/developers make the complete switch.

    Good Luck !
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    i understand your rant...but the TP will take care of itself...

    webOS is addictive and one needs to use the touchpad before deciding to port the droid....i feel very few will go thru with it for normal use...yes some might have bought it for the processing power and have already made up there minds what there were going to do with it...

    that said i'm all for saving webOS for those of us that want it
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    Hey Fumanchu,

    First of all, welcome to WebOS! and no need to apologize...

    the WebOS community is very hard to describe, first of all we started out thanks to palm which was bought by HP who now are kind of giving up. The thing is we have always been here for good or for worse. We believe in our OS and we are always facing some type of problem, lies, lack of support from major companies etc... But at the end we stick to WebOS for what it is.

    This is not about us trying to brain wash anybody to stick with WebOS. like Kataran said, the TP will take care of it itself. Once you get used to how it works you get hooked on it. My point is to try to provide as many info as possible so people can actually learn how to use it correctly and once they know how to use it they most likely will stick with it. All I'm asking is for the new users to actually give WebOS a change instead of opening the box and quickly try to port in a different OS.

    As for the licencing you do have a point! and I hope the devs work on getting the open source for WebOS if HP is giving up on us. that's why I posted in this section. I mean no offense but this people kind of know where I'm coming from and most of them will agree with me on fighting for this particular OS. if we fell for it (and trust me, we are always facing extinction) others might feel the same way. and the more we have on our side the better.

    Again, thanks for the pointers and its something the community has to take into consideration. as you can see there are plenty of happy people with their tablets right now, and the server has not seen that much traffic in a long time

    BTW Just look at what happened with Coca cola when they started messing with their original flavor and people where going crazy looking for the (classic flavor ) I think the same could happen with us...

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