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    According to this writer, WebOS is "a gem" and "could be the best mobile operating system". Ever since HP's decision was announced this week, virtually any article written on the topic makes the same basic statments in one form or another. This fact is not going to be lost on people at HTC or Samsung or etc.

    HP Kills TouchPad, but WebOS Lives (Sort of) - International Business Times
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    OS/2 was a gem too.
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    NeXTStep was too...
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    In addition to being a gem, webOS has a secret weapon too:

    That's right, webOS is the champion. Not Android, not Windows Phone 7, not iOS, webOS is the champion of OS Bowl 2011. And, as well all know, companies like HTC and Samsung take awards like this into account when considering what software platforms to adopt.
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    What happened to the guys who wanted to port webOS to another phone? Now is the time to try that with version 3.0, since HP took out the gesture area, it should be much easier to port it to a phone with better specs, but on the same chipset. Also, since HP mentioned maybe rewriting webOS for other chipsets, that would allow more opportunities to port to other phones, maybe iPhone? How about it webOS internals? Think it's possible?

    And now that webOS tablets have finally made it to the masses, many who have no clue what webOS is, this is when the Homebrew community can really shine. I think we need to have a telethon to support our guys!!!

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