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    I'm having the same issue on my unlocked Pre2. I'm running the stock kernel but do have some patch installed.

    It seems that the issue manifest itself when uploading the to the backup server. I've seen the upload stuck at about 2/3 of the upload.

    The other day, I've disabled the backup and re-enabled it at home. Then the process completed normally. I don't know if it will help in the long run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by capt4chris View Post
    You guys are not alone! I've been experiencing this on my Pre 2 which has 512 mb physical memory. Technically it's a Verizon Pre 2 moved on to Sprint. I don't know what it is about the backup process that is causing MAJOR memory usage.

    There's another thread for this but actually on HP's forums. HP has responded and are asking someone with UNMODIFIED software to send them logs (they've posted instructions)!

    Backup causing Memory Critical error - Support Community

    Is there anyone out there with unmodified software that can help? Or have you guys found anything further to fix this yourselves?
    Is nobody experiencing this issue anymore? I was hoping someone would have checked out that link to help send feedback (in ANY way) to HP by now.
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    Sounds to me like its a carrier-specific issue, seeing that everyone with this problem is on Sprint. I haven't had this problem with my Verizon Pre 2, and my brother's 2.1 Pre+ on Verizon works just as well.
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