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    So I posted a comment on an editorial from Engadget titled: "Engadget on the death of HP's WebOS devices" which started like this: "WebOS, Where did things go wrong?"

    This really p***ed Me off as you can see in My lengthy response:

    "Everyone is blaming Palm or HP for the death of WebOs. When the real blame should be placed on: EVERYONE.

    1) Palm: After a very long wait since announcing it, the Pre was finally released. No one outside of tech site/blog communities noticed it because of Bad Marketing (the little that there was anyway...). I remember having my Pre for about a year after launch and people would still ask "What phone is that?" They knew absolutely nothing about it.*

    2) Tech Sites: It would seem that at the time of the Pre's launch, most reviewers had a hard time removing Steve Jobs' balls out of their mouths fast enough to say anything good about the Pre. Not all were like that though, so maybe that's a little unfair. But when you have some reviews praising WebOs' synchronization, it's messaging system, it's notification system, it's cards system, etc...only to end the review with something that sounds like this: "I wouldn't recommend this over a- hmmm...lemme think...oh yeah...An iPhone, but it's alright", how could one not believe that? The WebOs/iOS comparisons were downright unfair and uncalled for. Especially since Palm wasn't really trying to release the Pre as the "iPhone killer" most made it out to be.

    3) Us - the Readers/*******: Let's be honest, We never gave this thing a chance man! On every sites "Comment Section" of every review/news story pertaining to the Pre or WebOs, the ignorance heavily outweighed the praise. Words like "Fail" from IPhone and Android fanatics were thrown all over the boards. People who never used WebOs or were afraid of it would do and say anything they can to tarnish the Palm brand. Labeling them as "copycats" over the functionality of the OS and telling stories of how they had to return the phone 30 times to have a good working phone due to cheap hardware. Although the cheap hardware thing is a fact, but c'mon guys! Surely some of these stories were pure exaggeration from people who have never even held the phone. Reading all this, I knew that the Pre, Palm and WebOs was destined to fail. I've realized this is how everyone was thinking and it was only a matter of time. It's like Everybody was an Apple or Google Shareholder or something!

    So there you have it: Palm failed to properly market the Pre, Reviewers had theirs mouths full with Apple Meatsticks & Google Balls and the majority of People who knew about WebOs chose to bash it. I was one of the few who actually owned a Pre and loves WebOs til' this day. I was looking forward to the Pre 3 and all that was promised. I am so sad that this had to happen.

    You can try and blame HP all you want. Heck! I blame them for giving up so easily! But in reality, they had nothing to work with. The damage was already done after the Pre's launch. The Mindshare's almost fully diminished and what's left of said mindshare is nothing but negativity. Nothing could repair that. Such a shame! It's such a great OS."

    Of course, the comment was deleted minutes after being posted and I am now Blocked from posting any more comments on that site. Hilarious! Think I struck a nerve?

    Anyway, just wanted to share. Thanks for reading.
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