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    Local Office Depot had no Touchpads this afternoon, but many, many HP Printers & PC's. Wonder what brand they will be selling next year?

    QVC is touting and selling HP products (Don't know if they did TP's earlier- wasn't watching then).

    Do their customers know HP is getting out of the PC business as well?

    Do the staff at these places?

    It looks like I won't be getting a TP. Too hard to find, and hard to justify to wifey even at cheep prices... but she came up with the idea of going into Office Depot. Hmm...

    Having a few problems with my Vzn Pre Plus, since I doubt Pre 3 ever coming to the states (especially Verizon), I want to upgrade to Pre 2. Store said no stores had 'em, but could order at price higher than online. No thanks. Need it at the 49.99 online price or cheaper (with my upgrade- maybe free?). Will try online, but want to keep unlimited data. Will see how it goes.

    Still don't want to leave webOS.

    Neither iOS, RIM, Win, or even fractured Android appeals to me. Of those only Android would suffice, but still feel like a downgrade. Love the apps on other platforms, but not their OS's.

    What-do-you-expect? I had an Atari computer & a Suzuki Samurai!
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    Should I buy a Handspring Visor instead?
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