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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovedessert View Post
    Hp should have had it's collective heads examined for allowing Ruby to have anything to do with it...this time he was a fool for not delaying the release of the TouchPad until webOS 3.1.1 was ready...or they made the TouchPads, held on to them until webOS 3.1.1 was ready and they could have sent it as an automatic upgrade the minute the TouchPad is turned
    It seems Jon "coming soon" Rubinstein was against the release of the TP in this state but higher ups wanted. Seems like the work of Leo again...

    All Things D: HP kept executives in the dark about webOS decision - Engadget
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    All this only encourage Chinese companies to pump out cheap android tablets.
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    Im fairly confident that this albeit stupid decision by HP could very well jump start webOS. Since its all but guaranteed that every TP ever made will be in consumer hands for use. I feel the app catalog is about to get a lot bigger.

    Its the exact same effect with the iPad (minus the $ price point) had. It was sold so well and there were enough people buying them that the apps naturally came along quickly. I remember the first couple of months the iPad had most of its apps as some sort of half baked scaling thing going on. Soon after they were dwarfed by properly scaled apps and the scaled down apps simply disappeard.
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    I agree that this will supercharge WebOS now when the Touchpad is on sale. And maybe Samsung or HTC is interested in licensing it. But many seem to think that Google bought Motorola Mobility because they wanted to go for the Apple model. I believe Google bought Motorola Mobility for the patents. Android has been under patent issues with Apple, Microsoft and Oracle for exampe. I think Google bought Motorola Mobility so they can defend the Android ecosystem. But of course can the OEM:s lika Samsung or HTC be a bit worried now that Google became a competitor to them.

    I havent owned a smartphone or a tablet but it is interesting to follow this mobile landscape! And sorry for my english im a native swedish speaker.
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    I imagine developers must be encouraged with devices getting in the hands of users. I plan on making a logo of webOS on a tombstone, with some hands bursting from the earth.
    WebOS is like a Zombie, not even HP can kill it!
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