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    Hello, has anyone archived the official WebOS software from HP before they take it off their site? Kernals for use with Doctor, updates, etc. If this has been done, what is the link to our locally saved copy of the software? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    but they can't redistribute, only providing links to HP.
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    Yes, work on WebOS will continue, but support for the hardware will end, right? So, no more Doctor images for Pre+ and other old devices? That's my concern.

    Guess I'll try to find the images now. It's funny how HP hosts them but doesn't easily link to them anywhere from their site. Only WebOS Internals has good links to the images.
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    [url=]Kerris: work on webOS and app ecosystem will continue
    And we should believe that because ...?

    I sure don't.
    Lemme get out my Credibility Tricorder and do a quick scan of HP .... hm ... sensor reading says 0% Cred.
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